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Tipsy Jenga

Tipsy Jenga is a stacking game that allows two or more players to test their fine motor and logic skills against one another.

To start, dump out all the pieces and sit in a circle. Remove the metal lid and place it in the center of the table. This is your base. Now play pieces on the base and build up until someone knocks over the stack!

Tipsy Jenga in Action!


  1. Each player gets one play on the metal base on their first turn. They are not required to play one the base however.
  2. No placing or resting pieces on the table or other surfaces. 
  3. Players may examine pieces but once they examine them against the tower they must stick with that piece.
  4. Each player has one "redepemtion throw" per game. If they knock off just one piece while attempting to place they can replace that piece (any way they want) and place the new one to continue the game.

Piece Library:

We will add a comprehensive library of each piece in the near future.

Here are some example pieces:


Project Materials

Wood blocks
Misc metal
Set of Jenga

Project Tools

Hot glue gun


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